How To Use Plagiarism Checker Online

100% originality is an essential criterion for your paper to get excellent results. The punishment for dishonest writing is quite severe leading to significantly low marks or even refusal to grade a paper at all. However, it is quite a challenge to monitor your paper on yourself, as there is so much information you analyze. As a result, you may forget that it was not your thought initially and it may lead to some unintentional plagiarism in your assignment. Additionally, there are so many requirements toward referencing materials, and an incorrect citation will be also regarded as an action of dishonesty.

How to monitor your paper with so many criteria for it to be perfect? With our innovative plagiarism checker, you can easily detect any similar content. By doing so it is easy to change the part that is considered copied and write a truly brilliant paper. Our plagiarism checker free software allows you to scan your text online within several seconds and get report information.

All you need to do is to copy paste your text and insert it in the field. By clicking the ‘Check the Text’ button, the scanning process begins. Our plagiarism checker online is analyzing and collecting data from various resources. Its smart software enables an effective and in-depth analysis of your paper. It will take you several seconds and you will get a report for a thoroughly scanned paper. All cases of plagiarism will be highlighted for you to easily notice them.


Educators play a significant role in teaching students academic honesty. This is one of their main goals to show the learners the latter need to value the intellectual property of others, rather than copy it. To help teachers succeed in pursuing this goal, anti-plagiarism scan programs come in handy.

Our plagiarism checker for teachers is a quick and effective means to detect any cases of copying in students’ works. Our program will easily spot copying from any page on the web. Teachers can upload essays, thesis, dissertation or any other texts to search for copying. Within several seconds they can get a report with a structured analysis of content. Each sentence is examined for plagiarism. Plus, if there are any cases of copying, all plagiarized websites will be showed.


If you want to get truly remarkable results, your paper should be 100% uniquely written. A dishonest paper can result not only in failing the assignment, but also in being dismissed from the institution. To feel calm that your assignment is original and your research is unique, why don’t you check your paper immediately? With our plagiarism checker for students, you can have a chance to change the unintentional cases of copying. As a result, you will avoid unwanted consequences and problems at your college or university.

Right now you can scan your text on our website for free. You can easily spot the phrases that are regarded plagiarized, as they will be highlighted for you. This software allows you to notice your mistakes and correct them before you submit your paper to a professor.


There is an acceptable percentage of plagiarism at colleges and universities. Certainly, it differs, but your professor should clarify this issue. With our program your text is scanned and you are given the percentage of uniqueness of your paper. The similarity percentage allows you to monitor your paper and see whether you meet the required demands. Our plagiarism checker online free with percentage helps student to significantly save their time and energy worrying about their papers originality.

Plagiarism is one of the core problems of our education today. On the one hand, with the help of modern technologies it is easy to copy the existing material on the web. On the other hand, it is as much easier to detect cases of plagiarism.

Statistically, about 78% of American students have been accused of plagiarism once or more. Whether you are a teacher or a student, your goals should be the same: value the significance of a unique idea. With the help of an anti-plagiarism program feel free to protect the rights of other researchers, as you protect your own rights. Today you plagiarize the article on the web, and tomorrow your unique research can be stolen and copied by someone else.

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