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Working on paper might be time-consuming, as you have to conduct research, write an academic paper itself, proofread and edit it. Some websites offer only one particular service like writing or editing. Our company is a bit different.

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If a student decides to write an essay, article, research paper, term/course paper, etc. without extra support, we can offer a useful tool that will help them plan an assignment schedule. The assignment calculator service can be used by high school, college, and university students. It is a helpful tool, which allows to plan the whole process and gives a student a chance to learn how to work on paper properly.

Assignment Calculator

Writing assignment is typical, and every student has to deal with it during a term and not only in one subject. Thanks to assignment calculator grade for an essay will be better and you will receive a high acclaim from your teacher.

Making a writing schedule is as important as writing itself. It helps to stay organized and work on paper step by step. There is no need to burn the midnight oil or spend an entire week on one assignment when you can plan everything beforehand. Your aim is to get excellent for a paper and have all credits in a subject.

You have to put a lot of thought into your essay. In order to achieve it, break the process into pieces. In case you feel that you cannot organize a schedule properly, use the best assignment calculator available online. It will provide you with a great solution to complete assignment on time.

What is more, it can be used not only by students. Writers can also take an advantage of it to systematize a process. A customer of our services will be able to control a writing process and see whether they are on the same page with a writer.

Assignment Planning Calculator for Students has gained popularity among students, and we are proud to say that many of them tend to use our services. We offer the greatest assignment calculator high school and college students tend to use on a regular basis. There is no need to register on our website. The tool is available for free 24/7.

The service is easy to use. The first thing you have to do is to state the deadline. Now the system will generate a schedule within seconds and you will have a whole process planned properly. A student has to follow all the steps and complete them before deadline. Apart from step-by-step schedule, you will have some useful tips that will show you how to start, write a proposal, plan a research strategy, etc.

Usually the whole process consists of the following steps.

  1. Analyze and understand given assignment. Pay attention to details including due dates, length of paper, format of assignment, and don’t forget to follow all requirements stated by your teacher.
  2. Choose a topic. This task might be time-consuming. A teacher will give you a general topic and it’s up to you to decide what aspect of a problem you would like to investigate. Try brainstorming on a subject, use the Internet, newspapers/magazines, etc., and you might come up with some great ideas.
  3. Make a thesis statement. Every argumentative piece of writing requires a strong thesis statement. This is an idea you are going to prove in your academic paper.
  4. Plan your research strategy. Finding background information and putting your notes into the right order will help you finish quicker.
  5. Make an outline. At this stage you have to decide what points you are going to discuss in a paper.
  6. Write a draft. It’s time to write a coherent and cohesive text and see whether everything suits the requirements.
  7. Proofread and edit. There might be some grammar or spelling mistakes, so it is better to go through a paper and review details.
  8. Write a final draft. When a paper is reviewed, now you can complete an assignment and submit it before deadline.
Assignment Calculator

Assignment planning calculator will provide you with extra help while writing a paper. Use and follow this service to reach desired results and have impeccable paper at the end.